T&C for the 2020 Collection Bridal Gown Giveaway

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions create a contract between 1st Party “Sara Mrad Couture “and Second Party “The Winner Bride”, and as a result no 3rd parties are to be involved in what ever reasons possible Please read the Agreement carefully before participating

1. The winning bride must be planning her wedding to be in Lebanon (only) in 2020 inclusive i.e. from January 1st 2020 to Dec 31st 2020
2. The winner can not remunerate the value of the dress for cash for what ever reason possible
3. The Bridal gown won is from the 2020 Bridal Collection at Sara Mrad Couture only
4. The winner can not pass on her prize to any other bride or third party for what ever reason possible
5. In case the winning bride changes her wedding date to be after 2020 for whatsoever reason, her prize will be cancelled automatically by T&C #1 clause, and Sara Mrad will choose an another winner who will be having her wedding in 2020 and announce it asap
6. The ownership of the dress remains to Sara Mrad Couture, and it will be a LOAN to the bride on her wedding date as a result it will be returned to Sara Mrad showroom once the use of the dress is completed
7. The Bride is required to share some info with Sara Mrad team….date of wedding, venue, home address, mobile phone number
8. The bride will receive her chosen dress from Sara Mrad showroom prior to 2 days before her wedding date and will return it the day after the wedding to Sara Mrad showroom
9. The bride is expected to treat the dress with care and responsibility and return it in good condition as she will be receiving it
10. The bride will take care personally of any poor condition that damages the dress
11. The dress chosen from the collection will be worn as is, without any modifications to the style or details of the dress